If you can Create, you can CREO.

Read on, and discover why CREO is more than a marketplace, and why the people are more essential than the product.

  • What is CREO?

    CREO is a community of enthusiasts who are inspired by you. Your ideas. Your favorite superheroes. Your doodles. Even your pet dog. On an average daily, CREO takes a hundred of your favorite things and turns it into art. Wearable art. Usable art. Basically tangible art with the click of a few buttons.

  • CREO on a Mission

    CREO’s mission: make room for your imagination. When you have a big personality like yours – we recommend you go crazy with it. Put it on a T-shirt. Wear it on a hat. Write it on a notebook. Just take it with you wherever you go. Because CREO is where you run the show.


    The CREO story is a work-in-progress. Everyday, with every new idea we add a new page. While we don’t know how (and if) our story will end, but what we do know is that you will help us write it. You will be the hero. The inspiration. And the character we write for.


    Somewhere in the middle of corporate Dubai, a diverse group of young minds had the passion of building a Create-It-Yourself portal. Number crunchers, word gobblers, photo-memorists (yes, we totally made that word up), book clubbers and sports junkies – each brought a new personality that you can find and relate to inside CREO Room.

  • CREO At Work

    CREO does what CREO knows best. Create. Using the latest technologies, product and printing innovations, CREO manufactures your ideas into your customized design. CREO lets you become the artist. The writer. The illustrator. The storyteller. By giving you a canvas of high quality apparel and merchandise that you can design, wear and carry.

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